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Bouton Bracelets is a collection of handmade leather bracelets that are made in America with interchangeable buttons. We offer versatile, personalized jewelry that is both unique and made from the highest quality materials. 

Moon and Stars


Each button has a story, and when you snap them on, you become a part of that. There are so many different facets of who you are. It's our goal to create something that resonates with those many layers. What story will you tell with your buttons?

Moon and Stars


Moon and Stars

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Celestial guidance, terms of endearment, art, astral mapping...the night sky has proved an inspiration of paramount proportions from time immemorial. Whether it's "I love you to the moon and back," or simply an awe inducing respect for the beauty that umbrellas us after the sun bids us farewell, this Moon and Stars button might just be your new muse.

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